Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Habibian Pledge

I as a Habibian.
Do hereby Pledge.
To serve God and man.
According to the tenets of Islam

To do clean thinking
and practice honest dealings.
To be courageous
and to know no fear
when truth and right are in peril.

To shrink from jealousy
and to guard against flippancy and irreverence.

This is a pledge i recited mindlessly for 10 years of my life while i was in Habib Public School. Its quite a funny thing that it now has great meanings for me. I also did not realize how much this school will leave am imprint on me. If you have been touched as much as i have by habib please leave a message.

You may be wondering what meanings have i found in this pledge.

I have found that whenever i am about to embark on something new and important or finishing it. I get this sinking feeling to leave it alone. THIS is what the last line is all about.

My theory is that a part of our brain is as primitive as the ape.
This is the part which makes us eat more then we should, being lazy and stopping us from making too much change in our lives.
(did you know your body would make you unconcious underwater before a drop of water will go in to your lungs?, beware the primitive brain is very powerful)

This part of brain naturally administer an anxiety attack on us when we are about to make change in our lives. I can understand this now because change generally denotes to pain or effort and as all this require extra energy the primitive brain tries to stop it.

We need to get above this anxiety attack or indeed the primitive brain.

Please add to this if you like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a gr8 pledge !

3:08 PM  
Blogger ojos_naranjas said...

hey, it`s been a long time since the last one, that i wrotte to u, but thanks to answer my coment, please excuseme for my english, i know it`s too bad.... but good intentiosn counts, isn`t?

kisses and good luck my friend

since Argentina, Melina

5:29 PM  

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