Monday, September 19, 2005

Weight Control

Main Objective is to drop 10Kgs. Not easy but its possible.

Credits: Rod my friend at work told me about LA fitness so i decided to join them and company agreed to pay for it. I must say that my friend Jo and maria really helpes me for my weight loss cause jo pushes me to go to boxersize every friday. and maria and jo both weight on wednesday with me to see our progress.

History: I started from 91Kgs on the 1st January 2004 because i was not happy with myself. I was feeling angry because i had no control over my food intake. I just used to HOARD anything i saw and then hated afterwards.

Feburary: Started workout 3 days a week but getting tired after... also doing weights and stuff, lost about 1.5KG in 4 weeks.. not good. :-(

March: Started workout 4 days a week and also a couple of classes of pillate. Still only lost 1.5 Kg in a month not good :-(

April: Had new induction with John and he asked me to stop weights completely and only go with cardio workout. Now im doing 20min cycle, 25min cross trainer, 10min Tredmill at full hight (15) and bit of pillate for stomach for 5min. Good month and lost 3Kg but this was not all. I also cut my food intake a lot and am counting calories religiously.

May: Standing at 84.4Kgs on 12/5. I have found that a office person only burns 1770 Caliroes a day compared to 2500 (a popular belief). Therefore to lose weight you need to go under a 1000 calories as well as burn about 500 in workout to keep fast metabolic rate, luckliy i have been only taking in under 1000 calories anyway so no trouble there, but my expectation is changed. I plan to be 82Kg by June 2004. Wish me luck.

May Week 2: My weight is down to 83.5Kgs which is good, so my plan is now to get to 80Kgs by the end of this month.

May Week 3: :-) Standing at 82.3 and losing 1Kg a week. I think i can get to 80 by then begining of June this would mean that i can get to 75Kgs by the Mid July. which is my goal. I might add i had give up total hope of becoming thin, but whoever is reading this, trust me if i can do it then u can do it too, there is no magic to lose weight and there is no way u will not lose weight if u follow this.

June Week 2: OK! i have broken my weight barrier and i am 79.8Kgs. WOW! cool. But i have been slacking also or i would be near 75Kg. I am starting a HARD week cause i want to see 78 or 77 indeed. ;-)

June Week 4: Oh well.. it was not easy i got stuck at 79.8 for two weeks but finally got the break today i have achieved 78.6Kgs. Its not much but i got into 34waist which is cool.

July will be the toughest month for the year because im going to karachi for holidays and they make u eat or take offence SHIT!. Oh well i will try my best not to gain weight but its bad timings because after a major weight loss like me.. its important to be careful for 3months for body to adjust itself or u put on all that weight in no time. WISH ME LUCK.

July (After Karachi): Well it wasnt so bad afterall. My brother Aftab was going to zamzama park which has a 1Km circuit for walking/running and i joined him. I went there every other day and walk/run 5km. I also ate a lot less and avoided wheat as much as possible but eating at 1am was the worst thing during weddings. You see in karachi, people come to a wedding party around 11pm so the food is served about 12:30am or 1am, this is their way of life but i dont like it.

Week2: I am still 78.5Kgs so i just need to hurry and get down to 75Kgs. This has taken a lot of my efforts but its also given me confidance that i can achieve anything if i set my mind to it. I will keep going to the gym but maybe for a run/swim.

Week3: Lost half a KG and standing at 78Kgs. You have no idea how much i want to see the magic 75. I feel as if my life will change, in some way it already has for better.

Week4: Target is 75. so i am planning all out by doing

September Week1: Well not quite 75Kgs im finding losing weight not so easy anymore. I am at 77.2 right now but thats with full stomach, so after shit i guess i can be somewhere 76.5. I am walking everyday in afternoon again and have started to eat reasonable also (i was eating indian food for 2 weeks). So we should see 75 by end of this month. Week2: 77.5. Week 3: 78.01 Week4: ok its time to get back to business. so im back at 77.7.

October: I am touching 75.8 sometimes but get back to around 76.8. The ramazan is not helping either, but running for 28th Nov. London Nocturnel is helping for sure. My waist is about 33 right now, i can fit in waist 32 but my tummy bulges out.

November: Yes! hit 75.0 atlast hehe.. well it dont seem hard now, but im trying to eat sensable and see if i get hit 74. If you can take some ideas from here then its great, i will keep this post updated as long as i can but i have achieved my objective.

I am trying to do my MCSE study, some VB Stuff, work projects also so weight is not top priority specially when i can see its going down slowley but its going down which is good.

January 2005: Put on a 1KG on christmas holiday as well as weight training, so i am 76Kg. Trying to get back to 74 and maintain.

May 2005: Still around 75Kg i dont eat as much now but keep the workout so am not gaining weight. Done 2 exams of mcse so want to finish if first.

September 2005: 77Kg (OH SHIT! ) i have found that i eat too much. or eat wrong stuff being an indian dont help nether. so boiled veggies at night for few nights a week should do the trick.
I am also building posture muscles which helps with general wellbeing.

October 24th: 77Kg I managed to get to 76 then back to 77. But my depression period is over now so i dont need to pamper myself with food. I will make my next post with i am 76kg.

Note: Calorie counting to 1000 a day and 500 calorie workout 4 times a week WORK 100%

Negative Calorie Foods List

The phrase "negative food calories" seems to be causing some confusion as it suggests there are foods that possess no calories at all. All food contains some energy because they include carbs, protein or fats in varying amounts and all these macronutrients are energy sources.

The negative calorie phrase refers to a small list of foods which contain so little energy that the body uses more energy to digest and absorb the nutrients. If this was the effect then it means there would be a net loss of calories from the body resulting in a negative energy balance which is required in order to lose weight.

There is much controversy about the negative calorie diet and some experts believe it to be total rubbish, the amount of energy used may be relative to the amount and complexity of the meal ingested. However, if negative calorie foods help people consume less calories AND eat healthier foods then we believe it can be a positive start to permanent weight loss!

If you wish to try the negative calorie food then here is the list.

Negative Calorie Food Diet

List of foods with Negative Calories

Fennel *
Aubergine *
Gourd *
Cabbage *
Lettuce *
Marrow *
Celery *
Cress *
Cucumber *

Mandarin orange
Blackberry *
Melon Canteloupe *
Raspberry *
Rhubarb **
Guava *
Honeydew Melon
Lemon *

Key Components:
1. Workout to burn atleast 400calories 4 times in a week only cardio vescular
2. Breath deeply and hold for as long as you can then release slowley 10 times daily
3. Stop eating too much and stop eating bread and rice (thats why adam was kicked out)


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